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Analysis platform and marketplace to Assess, Procure and Manage your project. Backed by a Team of Solar Engineers.


See how solar will benefit your site now.



What we do

We use satellite imagery to map the maximum solar system for your site(s). We then model the performance of hundreds of solar systems utilising the data from your electricity smart meter, electricity invoice and local solar output.

What you get

Extremely accurate projections of costs and benefits of every solar system configuration for your site. Drill down to see what the system will do on any hour of the year. An intuitive process to help you find the best system for your needs.


What we do

Create a comprehensive brief for your preferred system and invite our registered suppliers to submit initial and final offers. We evaluate all initial and final offers with our best-practice evaluation tools and recommend suppliers for shortlisting.

What you get

The best suppliers in the industry, rigorously vetted by us, submitting initial and final offers for your system. Detailed evaluation of initial and final offers presented in our platform so you can clearly understand who is offering the best solution.



What we do

We provide project and contract management during the installation and for larger projects offer owner’s engineer services during the installation. We ensure real-time monitoring of your system is installed and use the data to ensure optimal system performance.

What you get

Your project delivered on-time, on-budget and to the highest quality – no variations, delays or corners cut. Peace of mind that your system is performing with live performance visible from our apps as well as measurement and verification of energy savings against your energy bills.

How it works

Pricing Plans

Step 1


We use your energy and bill data, weather-station data and satellite imagery to find the optimal solar system for your site.

Free For small projects (<100 kW)

Beam Solar Assessment

Assessment of solar, batteries and PFC.

icon-selfservice Self service through our platform
  • Automated maximum solar size
  • Predicted energy profile or upload interval data
  • Detailed energy charges and tariffs
  • Solar, battery and PFC assessment
  • Online, PDF reports and business case
Premium For medium projects (<1 MW)

Desktop Solar Assessment

Assessment of solar, batteries and PFC

icon-engineer Completed by a solar engineer
  • Includes everything in Free
  • Bespoke layout of solar arrays
  • Rooftop, Ground and Carpark solar modelled
  • Up to 10 assessments per site included
  • Multiyear analysis and cashflow projection
Expert For large or complex projects (>1 MW)
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Solar Feasibility Assessment

Electrical, structural & financial feasibility

icon-engineer Completed by a solar engineer
  • Includes everything in Free and Premium
  • Site electrical inspection (connection points, cabling and inverter locations)
  • Structural inspection and installation assessment
  • Feasibility report with financial modelling

Step 2


We help you procure from our pre-qualified suppliers on the Beam Solar marketplace or use your in-house procurement.

Free For small projects (<100 kW)

Initial Offers

Apples vs apples comparison of offers

icon-selfservice Self service through our platform
  • Single round RFP on the Beam Solar platform 
  • Minimum requirements and custom project brief
  • 50+ pre-qualified Solar Retailers invited to offer
  • Access to Beam's objective Solar Retailer Score 
  • Solar, inverter, battery and warranty scoring
Premium For medium projects (<1 MW)

Final Offers

Multi-round RFP with select suppliers

icon-engineer Completed by a solar engineer
  • Includes everything in Free
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) or Reverse Auction
  • Supplier site inspections hosted by Beam
  • 20+ metrics and custom questions scored
  • Assistance with contract review and negotiation
Expert For large & complex projects (>1 MW)
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In-house Assistance

Support with your procurement process

icon-engineer Completed by a solar engineer
  • Includes everything in Free and Premium
  • Assistance with development of project brief, minimum conditions, inclusions and exclusions.
  • Access to Solar Retailer and equipment scoring
  • Evaluation of RFP responses and provision of reports and advice.  

Step 3


We ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget and continuously monitor its operation to ensure performance.

Free For small projects (<100 kW)
First year Free

Manage & Monitor

Online portal for project management, documentation, audit and monitoring.

icon-selfservice Self service through our platform
  • 10-year Solar Analytics monitoring subscription
  • Online portal for warranties and documentation
  • Post-installation desktop audit of project quality
  • Measurement and verification of project savings 
  • Free for one year (then $80/month)
Premium For medium projects (<1 MW)

Detailed Audit

Physical audit of project quality and comprehensive report.

icon-engineer Completed by a solar engineer
  • Includes everything in Free
  • On site audit of system quality
  • Over 100 items checked, scored and documented
  • Comprehensive report with photos and issues
  • Informs defect liability register for contract
Expert For large & complex projects (>1 MW)
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Owners Engineer

Professional engineering review and project management support.

icon-engineer Completed by a solar engineer
  • Includes everything in Free and Premium
  • Full design and engineering review 
  • Project management and reporting
  • Regular site inspections and audits 
  • Resolution of project and contract issues













Trusted by businesses and organisations throughout Australia 

Beam Solar helped us expand solar to our Queensland and Victorian plants to help achieve our environmental goals. They helped us access incentives in Victoria and found the right supplier to deliver the project. Beam Solar made the whole process easy, straightforward and effortless.

Beam Solar was instrumental in getting our two 600 kW ground-mounted solar projects approved and successfully implemented. Beam Solar was great to work with and guided us through every step of the process to ensure the Council achieved a successful outcome.

Beam Solar were very responsive and of great benefit to our organisation. Without them we would have ended up with an overpriced, underperforming system. The information they provided was clear and concise which made it easy to progress to the correct solution.

Throughout the entire process the team at Beam Solar was friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and provided any advice in a practical manner. I could not recommend the Beam Solar team more highly.


Companies we've helped

Beam Solar is a proud member of the Smart Energy Council and the Clean Energy Council