Ensure your system is installed and operated to a high standard

We will provide assistance throughout your entire solar journey, which doesn't stop at contract execution. Beam Solar can help Manage your system through delivery and ongoing operation.


Quality Assurance

With project oversite, contract management, and owner's engineering services, you can have faith that your system will be delivered to a high standard. Through a post-install audit, we will flag any defects or issues with the install and arrange for them to be rectified with the installer.

Ongoing Maintenance

Depending on your business needs, we can develop a bespoke O&M contract to ensure your system continues to perform as expected throughout its lifetime. Regular monitoring, performance reporting and periodic inspections will help guarantee that any issues are rectified as soon as they occur.

Savings Verification

Using real-time consumption and generation data from your system and your current electricity rates, we will verify exactly how much your system is saving you each month. We make it easy to know how quickly your system pays itself off and when it might be time for an upgrade.


Beam Solar Manage 

By providing one central platform for everything related to your existing and ongoing solar projects, we provide ease and simplicity unmatched by other solar management services. A commitment to your system means we will ensure it continues to perform well for its lifetime and that this is clearly shown to you.

All relevant project documentation, any issues identified during or after install, service works scheduled and completed, periodic performance reports and monthly savings figures all at your finger tips in the Manage page of Beam Solar.

Choosing Beam Solar's expertise and tools means you get access to a combined three decades of industry expertise and a commitment to quality that will pay off many times over. Keep reading to see the critical steps of our process and why we have structured Manage this way. 


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Verify image-1

1. Review Contract

Scope of works
Project timeline
Payment milestones
Liquidated Damages

2. Manage Project

Engineering design review
Onsite QA inspections
Customer-side project management
Commissioning review

3. Audit System

Post-install inspection
Defect register
Issue rectification
System quality rating

4. Monitor & Maintain

Real-time performance data
Issue identification and flags
Service inspections and repairs
Panel cleaning

5. Measure & Verify

Monthly electricity savings
Regular performance reports
Detailed system insights
Assessment of possible upgrades

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Monitor image

Manage Pricing


Owners Engineer

Assistance during the implementation phase.

Recommended for larger projects.

  • Checkmark Design and engineering review prior to commencement
  • Checkmark Project management and reporting from design to practical completion
  • Checkmark Regular site inspections and audits during construction
  • Checkmark Resolution of project and contract issues that arise.
  • Checkmark Defect liability register and management of PC signoff.

Manage Pricing

We ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget and continuously monitor its operation to ensure performance.

Free Recommended for small projects <100 kW
FREE for the 1st year

Oversight & Monitoring

Project management support during implantation. Ongoing performance monitoring and support.

icon-selfservice Self service through our platform
  • Free for one year then $80/month
  • 10-year Solar Analytics monitoring subscription
  • Online portal for warranties and project documents
  • Post-installation desktop audit of project quality
Premium Recommended for medium projects <1 MW

Audit & Verification

Assistance from our team during the implementation phase.

icon-engineer Completed by a solar engineer
  • Includes everything in Free
  • On site audit of system quality
  • Completed by a solar engineer
  • Provision of defect liability register
  • 12 month verification of cost savings
Expert Recommended for large & complex projects
Request Pricing

Owners Engineer

Professional engineering review and project management support.

icon-engineer Completed by a solar engineer
  • Includes everything in Free and Premium
  • Design and engineering review prior to commencement
  • Project management and reporting from design to practical completion
  • Regular site inspections and audits during construction
  • Resolution of project and contract issues