Volvo Deploy Solar Ready for Electric Vehicles



Wacol QLD, Blacktown NSW



July 2022



500 kW + 99 kW Rooftop Solar


Volvo manages the manufacturing, distribution and operation of well-known motor vehicle brands.

Volvo wanted to install solar at their sites ready for when their new brand of EVs arrived in Australia. This would allow them to charge the EVs with zero emissions electricity from their on-site solar systems.

Beam Solar assessed solar at all of Anonymous sites and helped choose the first batch of sites to implement solar.


It was difficult for Anonymous with limited internal resources to determine the optimal solution, understand technical constraints and to find an installation partner that could meet their high quality and compliance standards.

Beam Solar managed the end-to-end procurement process to select a solar supplier, including Initial and Final Offers rounds, recommendations reports and meetings with key stakeholders.

Beam Solar also managed the evaluation and procurement process for EV chargers at Anonymous headquarters.


Beam Solar supported Anonymous through the implementation phase of the solar project including project management and liaising with various project stakeholders to get the job completed on time and on budget.

Beam Solar also completed an audit during the construction phase and were very satisfied the install was completed to a high level of quality.

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