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Our Solar Retailers are heavily vetted to assure quality and consistency with every installation. To help you choose the right solar retailer we provide detailed feedback and evaluations on equipment, pricing and overall system solutions with each offer so you can clearly understand what is the best solution for you.


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Our Process

How do I know what offer to choose?

Site Assessment

Using your energy details and site location we can analyse numerous system sizes and determine the most financially viable option for you.

Initial Offers

During the initial offers stage, we take the best project solution based on our assessment and gauge the market interest from our 40+ solar retailers.

Final Offers

Shortlist Solar Retailers to provide a detailed site inspection and finalised proposal. Beam solar will score each submission on system price, equipment offerings and overall project solution.

Contract negotiation

After selecting your prefered Solar Retailer Beam solar will oversee contract discussions to provide a secure and hassle-free contract completion

We have Partnered with the best Solar Retailers around 

With 40+ CEC accredited installers currently on our marketplace and many more to come, you can expect a seamless installation no matter whom you choose.