Centre State Asphalt

Rooftop Solar System Installed at Dusty Site



Maryborough, VIC



August 2022



70 kW Rooftop Solar


Beam Solar completed a solar rooftop structural assessment assessment for Centre State Asphalt's site. An optimal solution was identified that balanced the size of the solar system and associated savings against the project costs and complexity due to the multiple rooftops and relatively long cable runs. 


Beam Solar took Centre State Asphalt's selected solar system to Initial Offers and used the results to shortlist suppliers for a Final Offers round. Beam Solar helped Centre State Asphalt select a supplier that represented the best value for money and facilitated the contracting process.


The solar system has been successfully installed. Centre State Asphalt is also able to easily monitor the performance of their solar system through the Solar Analytics platform which is important due to the dusty environment of the location. Solar Analytics will allow Centre State Asphalt to receive alerts when performance is below expectation due to a accumulation of dust which will help Centre State Asphalt determine the best time the clean the panels.

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