Solar Price Index Across Australia

Beam Solar's market price update.

July 2022

Solar Prices Yet to Return to mid-2021 Rates

99kW Q2 2022
>100kW Q2 2022

Beam Solar provides the premier commercial solar price index for the Australian market.

Using data collected from offers made through the Beam Solar platform, we can quantify how the average commercial system price changes over time.

When compared with the previous quarter, we saw a 3% increase in price for 99kW rooftop systems, and a 7% decrease in price for rooftop systems sized greater than 100kW . 


Q2 2022 - Solar Price Update

Solar prices yet to return to mid-2021 rates.

99kW Q2 2022

Q1 2022 - Solar Price Update

Solar prices begin cooling off to start 2022.

30-100kW Q1 2022-1

Q4 2021 - Solar Price Update

Solar prices increase amidst China's energy crisis

30-100kW Q4 2021
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